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Simmonds offer you the opportunity to make an appointment to purchase your school uniform at our uniform shop during the summer holidays. Appointments guarantee a 10% discount and can be booked via Please select the Highsted icon and follow the link on the page.

The shop, located in Highsted Grammar School, will be open on the following dates:

Monday 27th July – Friday 31st July 9:00am – 3:00pm

Monday 3rd August – Friday 7th August 9:00am – 3:00pm

Monday 10th August – Friday 14th August 9:00 – 3:00pm

(The last appointment time will be 2:30pm)

We strongly recommend that, where possible, parents make an appointment online to purchase uniform in school during the above July and August dates, to avoid a last minute rush at the start of the new term.

Priority service will be given to parents with appointments.

The shop will be open for any last minute purchases, excluding embroidery services (no appointment necessary) on the following dates:

Tuesday 1st September 9:00am – 3:00pm

Wednesday 2nd September 9:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 3rd September 9:00am – 3:00pm

Friday 4th September 9:00am – 3:00pm






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Welcome to Simmonds online shopping for school uniform.
Highsted Grammar School For Girls offer families the choice of purchasing all the  uniform required for school from the uniform shop within school at Highsted which is operated by S Simmonds & Son. In addition you may shop online at Families are also able to buy non specific items of school uniform from other retail outlets.
School uniform may be purchased from the Simmonds uniform shop which is within the main school building at Highsted Grammar and is open during term time and at selected times during school holidays.  The school shop is currently being run by Claire Meyrick.
For repeat and reorder purchases, shopping online is ideal giving customers the freedom to shop from home or work. Purchases are delivered to home or an address of your choice. Shopping online can provide a ‘one stop shopping experience’ for families.
Shopping online is available to customers 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

The uniform prices are the same for uniform sold in our shops and online. Payment online is secure and Simmonds operate a credit / debit card payment system through World Pay.

Postage and packing is free on all orders despatched by Simmonds. Orders are despatched as promptly as possible however please allow up to 5 working days. If you have a more urgent order you may telephone customer services to see if we are able to facilitate an alternative shipping method via a courier service. This would be a chargeable service paid for by the customer over the phone and would be based on the weight and size of your order. Sometimes for reasons of stock location, multiple goods for one order may be despatched from different locations. This could have an impact on a courier delivery.


We hope that you are happy with your purchase, but should you need to return any goods please obtain a proof of posting. Please note, unless faulty or for reasons previously discussed with Simmonds Customer Service, returns are not paid for by Simmonds and you will be returning goods at your own cost.



There is a dedicated customer service email
and telephone helpline available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
Calls and emails received out of hours will be answered when normal business resumes weekdays between 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Warehouse Address:

Simmonds & Son Ltd

3-5 Eldon Way

Paddock Wood

Kent TN12 6BE


Highsted Grammar School For Girls request that students are smartly dressed at all times.
The school management team may forbid any item which is considered to be inappropriate.
Your support and custom is appreciated and your comments regarding this website would be most welcome.
Yours sincerely
Simon J. Smith
The School Uniform List is shown below for your information.
You may wish to print a copy



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Blazer, washable, royal blue.

Highsted Grammar School Badge for blazer – white on royal blue (available at Highsted school office at a cost of £5)

White cotton blouse – embroidered with school logo – revere style – fitted (worn untucked) or

White cotton blouse - plain – revere style – non fitted (worn tucked in)

Plain-knit charcoal grey cardigan and/or V-neck pullover. Light grey fashion cardigans are not acceptable.

Plain opaque black tights.

Plain dark grey knee-length straight skirt (made from polyester/viscose, not stretchy fabric). Before purchase, please ensure that the skirt is of the correct length for the height of your daughter. or

Plain black straight-leg trousers – no wide belt, buckles, or other decoration and definitely no black jeans.

Science overall, royal blue, with initials embroidered on right-hand side where a breast pocket would be.

Cookery apron, royal blue.

Plain (no logos of any kind) black outdoor coat, mac or duffle coat Faux fur, leather or suede coats are not permitted.

Plain black shoes suitable and safe for the school environment. (Please avoid unsuitable heels and extremes of fashion.) Ankle boots may only be worn with trousers.

Hairbands in plain royal blue, grey, black or white, only.



All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name. Please do not use iron-on name tapes: they do come off eventually! In addition to the name in full. science overalls, cookery aprons and shoe bags should have initials (5 cm high) embroidered in bright red upon them. Where there is a logo the embroidery should be on the opposite side and the PE bag should be embroidered on the bottom right hand side.




Plain white aertex type blouse.

Athletic shorts, royal blue or black (from uniform suppliers only).

Sports socks, royal blue or black with white top - white socks for Summer term.

White training shoes.

Sports bag in school colour, royal blue, for PE kit.



In order to avoid unauthorised (and unhygienic!) borrowing of other pupils' kit, in addition to the normal name tapes please embroider initials in bright red/scarlet on the opposite side to the logo on the sports top.



Black plain knee-length boots when snow is on the ground and only to walk to school in.

Smart black ankle boots can be worn with trousers only.

Plain black, grey, white or royal blue scarf.

Cold weather only, not permitted in the Summer term. Roll-neck sweater, white, long sleeves, for wear underneath long-sleeved blouse, or plain white T-shirt underneath short-sleeved blouse.

Royal Blue or Plain Black waterproof cagoule may be worn in wet weather.

Black sandals, low heeled for warm weather. All footwear, for safety reasons, must have at least a strap at the back of the heel.

For Physical Education lessons black or dark blue jogging bottoms, grey sweatshirt with school logo.

Football boots/shin pads.



For PE only: hoodies in own house colour (available from the school)


For house team events: Aertex-type blouse in own house colour.




All of us at Highsted are proud of our school and the school uniform helps create a sense of belonging. We therefore ask that you follow the guidelines concerning uniform set out below. Full school uniform should be worn at all times when pupils are representing Highsted, including on journeys to and from school. Trainers or tennis shoes should only be worn for PE lessons.




There are different guidelines for pupils in the Senior School, which are explained in more detail in the Senior School Handbook.




The only items of jewellery we allow to be worn at school are one pair of discreet studs in the ear lobes only and a watch. No other kind of body piercing, can be worn in school. Discreet religious symbols may be worn if they are underneath a blouse or sweater and are not visible. All jewellery must be removed for PE and games lessons. Long hair should be tied back for science and technology practicals, PE and games lessons, hair decorations should be royal blue, grey, black or white. Hair must be adapted to a restrained, discreet style for school and of a natural colour, dyed hair is not encouraged. No badges other than school ones may be worn.

If you permit your daughter to have more than one piercing in her ears, please ensure that this is done at the start of the summer holiday in order for it to heal properly before the start of term. She will not be allowed more than one pair of ear studs in school.




All pupils will need a strong bag (not a plastic or carrier bag, please!) in which to carry books and other equipment. A rucksack is often the most popular choice. Pupils are provided with textbooks which should be covered and named on the front. If books are lost or damaged, they naturally must be replaced and a charge will be made.


Girls in Years 7 to 9 may not wear make-up in school. Discreet eye make-up is allowed in Years 10 and 11 only. No sparkly eye shadow or lipstick is permitted. Coloured nail varnish must not be worn in school. Clear varnish is acceptable. Any students wearing excessive make-up will be asked to remove it for school.



PE: It is advisable for safety reasons that spectacles be removed for gymnastics and games lessons. If this is not possible (e.g. if a pupil would be unable to see sufficiently well to participate in the lesson) a letter is required under Health and Safety Regulations from a legal guardian accepting liability in case of accidental damage or breakage of the spectacles during the lesson, or worse, an accident to the wearer. A note from a parent is also required if a pupil is to be excused from PE (there should be a sound medical reason). Unless the reason is clearly visible (eg a plaster cast!) please send a note on each occasion. If pupils are to be excused from the practical aspect of the lesson, they will still be expected to wear the correct PE kit, so that they are still part of the lesson. Please note: No aerosols are allowed for PE lessons.

SCIENCE: In practical lessons, pupils are required to wear safety glasses which are provided. Pupils must wear overalls in science lessons as directed by their teacher to protect their clothes from possible traces of chemicals.


Personal Property - the Academy Trust does not accept responsibility

for loss or damage to personal property of pupils. Marking clothes

and other property with the owner’s name is, therefore, of the greatest importance and parents are requested to ensure that all property brought to school is marked.

Bulletin Board

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