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For reasons of sizing and to enable customers to get advice on caring for uniform and wearing it correctly it is recommended that initial purchases of uniform for new entrants to Hugh Christie Technology College are made at the college during special selling events or in Tunbridge Wells.



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Hugh Christie Technology College requests that school uniform is worn at all times and that all items of equipment and uniform are clearly marked with the owner’s name. 


The full School Uniform and PE List is shown below for your information.




Uniform ListPrint  


At Hugh Christie Technology College, we believe our uniform fosters a sense of belonging, pride and identity. It sets high standards for students and makes an important contribution to a positive and purposeful working environment.


We therefore have a smart college uniform that is compulsory to wear at all times on the journey to and from the college and during the college day. Failure to adhere to the policy is serious and will be disciplined through the school’s behavior protocols.


The uniform requirement for students is as follows:



 Black tailored trousers made from at least 60% polyester (available from Simmonds, Marks and Spencer and ASDA). Tight or ‘skinny’ trousers are not permitted.

 Plain pale blue shirt (available from Simmonds, Marks and Spencer and ASDA). Plain pale blue short-sleeved shirts are also acceptable.

 Academy tie*.

 Hugh Christie jumper* – not compulsory although no other jumper is acceptable; can be worn under but NOT instead of a jacket.

 Hugh Christie Jacket* - compulsory only for all new Year 7 students from September 2014, optional for all other students.

 Completely black leather shoes (not boots, trainers or full / part canvas shoes).




 Hugh Christie navy skirt* (Navy blue or black tights or socks must be worn with the skirt). No other skirt is permitted to be worn.


 Black tailored trousers made from at least 60% polyester (available from Simmonds, Marks and Spencer and ASDA). Tight or ‘skinny’ trousers are not permitted.

 Pale blue open necked blouse with college logo*.


 Plain pale blue shirt (available from Simmonds, Marks and Spencer or ASDA). Plain pale blue short-sleeved shirts are also acceptable.

 Academy tie*.

 Hugh Christie cardigan* – not compulsory although no other cardigan is acceptable; can be worn under but NOT instead of a jacket.

 Hugh Christie Jacket* - compulsory only for all new Year 7 students from September 2014, optional for all other students.

 Completely black leather shoes (not boots, trainers or full / part canvas shoes).


Existing polo shirts and sweatshirts may be worn instead of the shirt, tie, blouse, jumper or cardigan until such time they require replacement.


Please ensure that suitable outdoor coats, gloves and scarves are worn on the journey to and from college. These must be taken off when in lessons. In hot weather, the school will inform students when jackets do not need to be worn.


College uniform items (marked with the *) can only be purchased from S. Simmonds & Son Ltd either:


 From their shop at 64 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2UG

 By telephone 01892 837202 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

 Online at

Free postage and packaging is available for all online and telephone orders.


Students should not come to college wearing any of the following;


 Skirts other than the standard college uniform version.

 Trousers that are not straight fit and made from at least 60% polyester.

 Leggings (or similar) are not allowed as alternatives to trousers.

 Patterned or “fishnet” tights, footless tights or stockings. Only plain navy or black tights with the college skirt will be permitted.

 Boots, flip flops, trainers.

 Looped earrings, “bling” earrings with imitation jewels, multiple pairs of earrings.

 All other jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, non-ear piercings. (Existing stretched lobes must have clear retainers or flesh coloured plugs; not tunnels, tapers or stretchers)

 Make up (including acrylic nails, nail gels, nail colouring and varnish).

 Hoodies, denim jackets, leather jackets or tracksuit tops worn as an outside jacket.

 No jumper, jacket, cardigan or fleece other than those with a logo as specified above.

 Caps or hats indoors unless relating to a medical requirement and agreed with the college.

 Wallet chains.

 Extreme hairstyles (Mohawks, tramlines, shaved patterns, less than grade two, unnatural hair dye colours).

 Long sleeved tops underneath polo shirts, short sleeve shirts or blouses.


In the event students do not arrive at college wearing the correct uniform then;


1. They will be offered alternative washed college clothing and footwear available from ‘the rack’.

2. Should they refuse to wear these alternatives, parents will be contacted to request the correct uniform is delivered to college OR parents will request their child to change into clothes from ‘the rack’.

3. In the event a student still refuses to wear the correct uniform despite requests from college staff and their parents, it will be deemed as a refusal to carry out a reasonable instruction and they will be sent to isolation for the remainder of the day. This will result in them moving to the first behaviour stage or to the next stage.


Some religions and beliefs require their adherents to conform to a particular dress code. The school will reserve the right to restrict freedoms only in some circumstances, such as to promote cohesion and good order in the school or genuine health and safety or security considerations. This will be done through dialogue with the child and family concerned.


Sixth Form Dress Code (students in Years 12 and above only)


As school is a work place, Sixth Form dress should reflect this. We look to Sixth Form students to provide smart role models for the rest of the college.



 Trousers should be tailored- no jeans, trousers must be full length

 Collared shirt or polo shirt - t-shirts are unacceptable

 Jumper or cardigan (no hoodies/sweatshirts)

 Shoes - no trainers, flip flops or canvas shoes.



 Skirt, tailored trousers or dress - no jeans, trousers must be full length not cropped skirts and dresses should be of a suitable length.

 Leggings may be worn with a dress or skirt only

 Tops must not be revealing and must be short or long sleeved.

 Strappy tops may only be worn under a cardigan or blouse

 Jumper or cardigan (no hoodies/sweatshirts)

 Shoes - no trainers, flip flops or trousers tucked into boots.



PE Uniform ListPrint  


Participation in Physical Education is an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle for your child. Therefore, we expect that all students will bring the correct kit to the college on days when they have PE and Dance lessons.
Students who do not arrive properly equipped for lessons will be expected to borrow kit from the PE department. Students who choose not to bring in kit and refuse to borrow departmental kit will be placed in detention.
Light blue College polo shirt
Navy Blue shorts or skort
Navy/Light Blue College Hockey Socks
Football/Rugby Boots
Short white socks
* PE Hoodie
* Grey tracksuit bottoms
* Navy/Light Blue College Rugby Shirt
* optional
Please note that no other warm tops are allowed other than those stated above.
Dance – for students in Year 7, Year 8 and for those studying dance as an option subject in Years 9 to 11:
Plain black T-shirt or leotard
Plain black jogging bottoms or leggings
Black dance shoes (if performing barefoot is a problem)
Light blue College polo shirt
Short white socks
Navy Shorts
Navy/Light Blue College Rugby Shirt
Navy/Light Blue College Rugby Socks
Football/Rugby Boots

* PE Hoodie 




12th February 2014


Dear parents and carers,


Revision to Uniform Policy from September 2014


Following a meeting of the Full Governing Body on Tuesday 4th February, a revised Uniform Policy from September 2014 was approved.


Students wish to have a uniform that makes them feel proud of themselves and their school. Therefore, following the request from a number of parents, staff and students, we agreed to review the uniform policy to improve further the current arrangements.


Governors took into account the many differing views of parents, students and staff.


In summary:


 The majority of parents expressed a preference for a smarter boys’ uniform (consisting of a tie, jumper and/or jacket) and a smarter dress code for students in the Sixth Form.

 The majority of staff would prefer a smarter boys’ uniform (consisting of a tie, jumper and/or jacket) and a smarter dress code for the Sixth Form

 Students were given the opportunity to try out different options of uniform with most preferring the smarter look including a tie, jumper and/or jacket in preference to the current sweatshirts and polo shirts.


Therefore, from September 2014 the Governors have agreed to the following changes to the existing uniform policy:


 A smarter dress code will be in place for all students attending the Sixth Form.

 Boys in Years 8 to 11 (until existing pre-purchased uniform needs replacing) will a wear pale blue shirt, an academy colour tie and school jumper. Girls, who prefer not to wear the pale blue blouse and cardigan, will also be able to wear this option as well.

 New boys and girls joining Year 7 from September 2014 will wear a navy blue jacket with a school logo with either a shirt and tie or a blouse for the girls. The jumper or cardigan will be optional but cannot be worn instead of the jacket. Students in Years 8 to 11 who would like to wear a jacket, instead of a jumper or cardigan, will be able to do so.

 Following concerns from a small number of parents about the cost of replacing existing polo shirts and sweatshirts immediately, Governors have agreed that students will be permitted to wear these items until they need replacing.


A copy of the detailed policy is attached for your information.


We have worked with Simmonds to ensure that the price of a new standard uniform is not more expensive than the existing uniform. Governors have looked at the prices of a number of uniform combinations to ensure this is the case.


This review completes the change to a smarter and more professional uniform at Hugh Christie and Governors hope this decision will meet with the approval of the majority of parents, staff and students.


Governors will not make any further changes, for at least the next five years, to this uniform policy.

Manikins showing the new uniform will be available to view in the main reception area of the school shortly. We will also post some pictures on the school website.


The new uniform items will be available from Simmonds from June onwards. We have managed to negotiate a 10% reduction on uniform prices by visiting the Simmonds shop in Tunbridge Wells during the week of Monday 2nd June to Saturday 7th June 2014 or on the evening of Thursday 10th July in school. Purchases can also be made online at:-

or by telephone: (01892) 510123 in the usual way.


Simmonds Ltd.,

64 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2UG

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey or made representations in writing or in person.


Yours sincerely,

Jon Barker

Executive Principal

Tonbridge Federation

Bulletin Board

Yr 7 - 8    Real = Purple/navy

Yr 9 - 11  Empower = Sky/navy

Yr 9 - 11  Discovery = Yellow/navy



Hugh Christie Technology College

White Cottage Road


Kent  TN10 4PU


School phone:  01732 353544








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