Oriel High School

‘A deep sense of understanding and trust’

“Simmonds has always made us feel like a valued customer. Having been the school’s uniform supplier since it opened in 2004, we feel there is a deep sense of trust and understanding between us. We appreciate that they understand our school and the community we serve. While cost of school uniform will always be a feature of discussion, Simmonds shares our aim that the quality and distinctiveness of our uniform, compared to other schools locally, is maintained to a high standard.

“The uniform says a lot about our school and is one of the best PR tools we have. Simmonds values a school uniform that looks smart and wears well over time.”

Ryan Sallows, Business Manager at Oriel High School

Wolverhampton Girls' High School

‘A very personal service’

“Simmonds offers a specialised service during the holidays whereby we open a room up in the school building and they have a uniform shop running, so all of the new girls who will be joining us for year 7, can actually come in and try uniform on and can order the sizes and receive help. It’s just one of those things that runs really well. We’ve always had a very personal service from Simmonds.”

Jayne Thomas, Head’s PA at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School

Brambletye School

‘You do feel like you’re an individual customer’

“What I do like about Simmonds is you do feel like you’re an individual customer, I do think they understand us as a school, I like the way they know our history, and I think that’s a real benefit over being with a larger supplier like John Lewis.”

Amelia Brooks, Marketing and Communications at Brambletye