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Information For Schools

Welcome to the smarter choice in school uniform

Experience quality service and specialist knowledge with a personal touch.

Whatever you need, from uniform design to a school shop, our team of dedicated experts can help.

With over 180 years of specialist garment and fitting knowledge, we provide an unrivalled understanding of school uniform and sportswear to ensure the very best options for pupils, parents and schools.

We make buying uniform and sportswear easy, providing a one-stop shop for parents with our expert fitting advice; whether buying online, at a school shop or at our flagship store in Tunbridge Wells.

With fast, efficient delivery straight from our dedicated warehouse in Kent, transparent online pricing, free delivery on all orders and an extended returns policy our approach to supply is the smarter choice for schools.

To find out how we can help you contact our Business Development Manager, Jacqueline Terry, on 01892 837202 or email


We understand the importance of well-fitting uniform and the self-esteem this creates in pupils. This is at the heart of our design department, which can create carefully crafted and completely bespoke uniform from scratch or offer appropriate products from our extensive catalogue that can be personalised for your School.
Our design consultants will take you through every step of the design process, from choosing the right cloth to visualising uniform via CAD designs before producing samples. We are dedicated to crafting uniform that help schools stand out and build on their reputation.

School Badge Design

We have three state of the art embroidery machines ensuring your school brand is consistent across all your uniform garments, giving you a truly professional service. Should you be looking to rebrand our design team can guide you through your options and sample alternative logos and badges for consideration.

Let us help you put together a games kit that is long lasting, great to wear and at a great price.

Retail Services

Tunbridge Wells store

All the families who used our fitting service and responded to our 2017 customer satisfaction survey rated their experience as good or very good.

School Shops

Apart from offering families a convenient location to buy their uniform, without the hassle of parking issues, School Shops offer a very personal service. Quite often existing families will know what they need and can either use our online facility or pick items up during the regular school shop opening hours but if they are new to the school or need more help then we can offer an appointment, further, the Manager appointed to run the shop will have a detailed understanding of the school’s uniform requirements and advise not only on the right sizes but the quantity of each item that will probably be needed, whether something is school specific and has to be bought from the shop or can be bought from a shop of the families choice or even if there is a suitable second hand item available.

We currently have 20 School Shops and while they are all run on similar lines each one is individually tailored to the requirements of the given School. The size and type of room varies from school to school. Some of them operate from a smallish room during term time but move into a classroom during the summer holidays.

The School Shops we run are completely managed by us, we employ the members of staff, fit out and fixture the nominated room (which we pay the school rent for), organise the buying and provide the finance.

Pop Up Shops

Selling Events and Pop Up Shops at a School support our on-line offer and are a cost effective and convenient way of offering families the opportunity to try and buy uniform. Each event offers the same level of service as our School Shops or Tunbridge Wells store. If appropriate we can offer families an appointment service with the personal fitting service we are renown for.

The events are timed around the School’s convenience and can be after School hours or at a weekend.

Whichever of our retail services you choose we start by introducing you to your dedicated customer service manager.

This provides a single point of contact to help with all of your needs - including coordinating and overseeing a tailored service development plan, monitoring its delivery and making on-going recommendations to ensure that changing uniform needs and service requirements are met.

They will agree with you whether we provide a Name Taping Service, offer to embroider pupils initials or numbers on games kit and ensure our alteration service is known about and meets timed expectations.

Your service manager is not only your first call to resolve any issues but proactively ensures all information about your uniform – uniform lists, product care instructions, fitting and wearing guidelines/instructions are effectively communicated through staff training, clear visual signage and information published on our web site.


An increasing part of our business is our wholesale operation. It provides a school with an opportunity to buy bulk from one source and without the hassle of arranging licences and shipping. All though the majority of our wholesale business is Europe and Africa we do supply schools in the UK – either as an add on service to our Retail and On-Line offer or as a bespoke service. Bulk buying for you and embroidering it with your badge during our quiet time can produce some very attractive prices!

For more information contact Marcus Ansell on 01892 837202 or email


Our On-Line service is run from a dedicated 12,000 ft² warehouse in Paddock Wood, where we are also headquartered.

It is important to us that this service is fast, accurate and efficient and our warehouse is fixtured and laid out to match these aims. Our approach to Picking, Packing and Processing orders is almost clinical whilst our Customer Service and Returns Centre are located alongside these departments providing a completely joined up and efficient delivery service.